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    - By  c.shekhar
 For preparations of ENGG (IIT, AIEEE)./MEDICAL(CBSE,AIIMS,BCECE) exam, just always be with THREE THINGS:
First is: BUILDING THE CONCEPTS,                                                                                     Second is: PROPER APPLICATIONS OF CONCEPTS                                                    Third is: PRACTICE.                                                                                                                      IN IIT-JEE examination, Chemistry is one such subject which can assure you guaranteed marks if you have prepared well. Most of the topics in chemistry are not very much twisted and get tested directly. For example most of the students do not pay much attention to topics like:- s, p, d blocks, transition elements, surface chemistry, coordination compounds, gaseous state, nuclear chemistry, chemical equilibrium and stereo-chemistry. These topics are not only easy but do get questions in IIT JEE Chemistry papers every year and hence are very scoring but still students do neglect them.
 Scoring in Chemistry is more about planning than about application and understanding of concepts.
 Certain topics like organic chemistry are pretty much like mathematics and physics as far as IIT JEE is concerned as it relies on testing of concepts and questions are always framed considering multiple concepts together. Unlike organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry is directly opposite as all questions asked are always direct and do not need much application. Topics like stoichiometry are always difficult to handle and need lot of in depth knowledge about reactions and mole concept. It is very much advisable to solve minimum  past 10 years IIT JEE papers for chemistry. Most of the questions are repeated in an indirect manner. This is truer for inorganic and organic chemistry than physical chemistry because in physical chemistry lot of concept testing is involved. When you solve problems from past years IIT JEE papers of Chemistry, you would see a pattern in which questions / concepts are tested. In fact with a proper planning you can make chemistry as the most scoring subject out of all three in IIT JEE.     

 For preparation of exams, remember some points:
1) Always start from BASICS because “without base, there will be no altitude” and always remember “journey of a thousand miles begin with single step”.
2) Always BUILD UP RIGHT & APPROPRIATE BASICS because “once the track of train is being changed, it will go on only that track”. So always select the right track.
3) Never prefer solutions of questions before doing SELF-ATTEMPT at least four or five times till you get the right answer because “without fall you cannot stand at once”.
4) Never leave the question in between. And I saw a lot of students practicing this question without attempting it whole, and it’s a very big fault for students and even it becomes their negative point sometimes. So please ignore this thing. Because “many of life’s failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”
5) Always try a question with CONCEPTUAL APPROACH, not just read the question then start doing without getting the point that what question is saying.
6) Your study schedule should be such that you will even easily get the time for a little enjoyment daily.
7) Most important thing is that you should be having a time schedule as well as REGULARITY in study.
8) Also you will have to take appropriate sleep or rest of at least 6 hours a day if you are preparing for IIT-JEE otherwise your mind set-up for next day will not be in place.
9) Never cram the things, always TRY TO UNDERSTAND the problem or theory.
10) And BE CONFIDENT while you are preparing. NEVER LOSE CONFIDENCE.
11) Always keep contact with intelligent students of your class or at coaching centre.
12) Always keep the copy of latest syllabus for particular exam. Always check the syllabus before starting a new topic.
13) NEVER GET DEMORALIZED BY SOMEBODY but yes ALWAYS GET INSPIRED FROM SOMEBODY LIKE YOUR TEACHER, PARENTS, and SENIOR. 14) I have a positive point i.e. once I set a goal, then I don’t look at anything else, I just KEEP DETERMINATION in me until or unless I ACHIEVE THAT GOAL.
15) Whenever you complete any chapter or particular topic, first of all, go through that topic from NCERT. (It’s very important) then choose any other books.
16) There is one more thing, whenever you are studying just be CONCENTRATE on that thing so badly, so that you even don’t know what is happening your nearby. Because studying 2 hours with GOOD CONCENTRATION is equals to studying 5-12 hours without any concentration.
17) Always study anything with GREAT INTEREST otherwise it will be of NO USE.
18) Even there are some students who think that they cannot prepare for IIT-JEE like EXAMS. So if they think so, then they are wrong. Because YOUR “ATTITUDE, NOT APTITUDE, WILL DETERMINE YOUR ALTITUDE”.
                                         - WITH ALL BEST WISHES
                                              C .SHEKHAR (young motivator)                                 

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